Your science, your pictures.

When I began pursuing my PhD in 2013 I was surprised by the extremely varied quality of the scientific photographs available for study at the time. Even some books published as recently as 2017 contain images that are blurry and over 40 years old - and none of these photographs are standardized.

Today’s cameras are easier to use, more affordable and can produce more astonishing images than ever before. I started out by producing my own photographs that I needed, either for teaching or for research purposes.

Now, 5 years later, I’ve created the One Health Photography company. My goal is to provide other scientists with access to my experience, skill set and knowledge through a fully personalized array of scientific photography services.

Scientific photography should be regarded as a scientific experiment: rigorous, repeatable and reproducible. It is a very useful tool allowing scientists to generate data for publication or for scientific communication. Promoting scientific photography will pave the way to an accessible database of standardized, high-quality, scientific images.

Dr. Etienne LEVY