Curriculum Vitae

2003 :Life Science high school diploma with distinction

2011 : Earned Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine with distinction

2013 : Completed PhD student training and FELASA Cat. C

Current position :
Histopathology Assistant in the Veterinary College of Liege since 2012

Training experience :
Official instructor with Prezi for the ULiege since 2015 (100 PhD students trained)
Official FELASA instructor since 2014 (300 scientists trained)
Assistant Professor of histopathology since 2012 (1500 veterinary students taught)

Photography experience :
Self-educated amateur photographer (animals, insects, plants, landscapes, astrophotography) since 2012
Gallery : FLICKR
Self-educated scientific photographer since 2014
One Health photography training : Five scientists trained in DRC and twenty-five scientists trained in Liege (Belgium)
1200 veterinary students followed the photopsy paraclininc in Liege

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