Photopsy Paraclinic


I can offer my assistance in the creation of your very own “photopsy” paraclinic where veterinary, medical and other life science students can learn to interpret pathology images and learn to create the images themselves.
The database can be used to illustrate pathology lessons, with high-quality copyright free pictures generated within your own university.

Material and Methods

Material :
At least one camera, one computer and a tv screen are needed for the photospy paraclinic.
Methods :
A full-time assistant is required to manage the paraclinic. His or her tasks will be the management of students, hardware and the image database. He or she must have extensive experience with scientific photography.


These results come from the faculty of the ULiege veterinary department, where the photospy paraclinic has been running since 2015.

Assistant demonstrates organ preparation:

Student takes a photograph:

Photograph created by the student:

Teaching devices for the photopsy paraclinic:

Routine work with the pictures taken in the photopsy paraclinic:

Schematic representation of the photospy paraclinic system management: