One Health Photography souhaite contribuer à diffuser images et outils en open source.

Retrouvez cette image (et les autres faces) via le lien ci-dessous :

J’ai également développé et publié un système de focus stacking :

In order to help others scientists to reach the best quality of pictures possible, One Health Photography has developed an Open-Source focus stacking device. 

It allows a professional camera to move by 1µm step, 10 times cheaper than a commercial solution. 

You can download the 3d models HERE

Key features : 
– Custom pieces are 3D printed 
– Lenght is customizable depending of your needs 
– Hardware and software are open-source. You can adapt everything 
– It uses G-code to move, like 3D printers 
– It uses cheap materials, widely available on e-commerce websites 
– No soldering needed 
– You can adapt it to any camera brand, your camera only needs a remote control connector.